SUICIDAL ANGELS are a Greek thrash metal band formed in 2001 by guitarist and singer Nick Melissourgos. The musical steps the band was meant to follow were leading to the realm of old school thrash metal, Nick's major musical influence.

In September 2004, the band released an EP called 'Bloodthirsty Humanity', which received even better reviews compared to the previous demos. Meanwhile, the group tried to perform live whenever possible.

In October 2006, SUICIDAL ANGELS sign their first record deal. The plans for the recording of a full length album were in motion. However, the band still tried to play live as much as possible, knowing full well that that's the only way to become a better act.

In January 2007 the band started recording its first full length album 'Eternal Domination' which was released in July. The album received very good reviews worldwide and SUICIDAL ANGELS embarked on a never ending journey promoting it. It was that same year that SUICIDAL ANGELS joined Rotting Christ's Theogonia Balkan Tour, while later in 2007 they toured with Onslaught and Massacre. In November SUICIDAL ANGELS supported the German thrashers Kreator in their hometown Athens. Mille Petrozza was truly impressed by the band's performance and, to the band's astonishment, appeared on stage wearing a SUICIDAL ANGELS T-shirt the group had offered him as a gift. It was the beginning of a series of fortunate events, as Mille would continue to pinpoint SUICIDAL ANGELS as one of the best new thrash metal bands in various occasions.

In March 2009, the band entered the studio to record its second album. 'Sanctify the Darkness' contains some of the group's biggest hits such as '...Lies', 'The Pestilence of Saints' and 'Apokathilosis'. Later that year, the band entered the Rock The Nation and Nuclear Blast contest in which they eventually took first place, topping 1200 bands from all over Europe. After the album was released in November 2009, the band went out on several big tours with Kataklysm, Belphegor, Overkill and played all big festivals such as Metalcamp, Sonisphere Greece, Wacken Open Air, PartySan and Summer Breeze.

After a very successful year in 2010, the thrash metal tank produced its 3rd longplayer entitled 'Dead Again' and took part in Thrashfest 2010, along with top-acts Death Angel, Exodus and Kreator. With 'Dead Again' SUICIDAL ANGELS took thrash metal to another level - tight, aggressive, fast and old school as fuck! That's how they do it!

One year after the release of their 4th album 'Bloodbath' - a year filled with tours, festivals (Graspop) and single shows - you'd better be prepared for fast and furious thrash metal, 'cause when it comes to SUICIDAL ANGELS that's the only metal you'll get!

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